Friends Day, Which Cards and Wishes suits your Friend or Valentine in this day

Friends play an important part in everyone’s life. They are the truest treasure and a beautiful relation in one’s life. Friends are the one who accepts one as how we are. Friendship is a relation that doesn’t need any commitment and walks with one throughout their life. One can’t think of living without their friends. They are such who can make u laugh when you are sad and understands the sadness behind your eyes. In every situation they are with you.

Life with friends becomes an easy journey and one never wants to end that. Friendship is like an investment of trust and faith in which the more one invests more one reaps. For friends we celebrate friendship’s day means to dedicating a day to your friends by wishing them with flowers and gifts. Same like that valentine’s day is also celebrated in many countries and it is celebrated to show love and affection to your loved ones. On this day lovers usually express their love by presenting flowers and many things to one another.

Friendship day is celebrated everywhere in the world. This day is celebrated in order to dedicate a day to your friends. Friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of august every year. Initially it was created by a greeting card agency and become popular after that in many parts of the world including India. And now with the availability of internet it becomes very easy from earlier times to greet friends. On this day people usually spend time with their friends and show love towards them. It is celebrated in many countries of the world including India.

On this day people exchange gifts like flowers and gits and exchange of wrist bands is popular. Before the friendship day people usually start buying gifts and friendship cards for their friends to wish them. Some also give yellow and pink roses to each other.Valentine’s Day is also popular in almost every corner of world. It is celebrated by the people who are in a relationship to show their love and affection towards one other. It is mainly famous in young generation all over the world. It is celebrated on the 14th of February every year and couples are celebrating valentine’s day party in this day.

Valentine’s Day has an old history. Valentine’s Day was named after the Christian martyrs saint named saint valentine. Many other countries had a different history behind the celebration of valentine’s day but the common thing is that this day is celebrated as token of love everywhere. People usually exchange their feelings with one another, means if someone loves a person they usually choose this day to express their feeling and love. On this day couples exchange some special valentine’s day gifts, flowers and greeting cards. Custom of valentine includes sending candy and roses to your loved ones. People also give valentine day card to the one who is special to them. But now days things like cupids, heart shaped gifts are popular among the people.

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